Serving cross-cultural populations across the life span.

Nan Truitt, PhD. Clinical Psychologist

Populations served

  • Infant to geriatric
  • Deaf - text to 907-230-5487 or e-mail Dr. Truitt
  • Fetal Alcohol or other Toxin Exposed
  • Conduct Disordered Adolescents
  • Juveniles who sexually offend
  • Emotionally Disturbed Children
  • Developmentally Disabled
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

Rural Outreach Clinics

Alaska has more fetal alcohol exposure, domestic violence, depression and suicide, traumatic brain injuries, and alcohol abuse in the nation. And yet, with the sparse population and lack of mental health professionals it can be difficult for rural Alaska to obtain professional services in assessment and other services for individuals in remote communities. A major goal of Dr. Truitt's practice is to provide culturally sensitive Rural Outreach Neuropsychological Clinics to rural Alaska. Together, we can work to provide your community with the mental health services it needs. Please call for details regarding availability, rates, and services offered. Here are a few of the services your community can receive:

  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Specialty training in assessment of multiple disabled, developmentally disabled, and deaf individuals
  • Includes an FASD assessment utilizing the 4 Digit Diagnostic Code developed by the University of Washington
  • Recommendations for additional services, placement, and interventions
  • Vocational Rehabilitation testing
  • Psychoeducational Sessions
  • Workshops for Clinicians in your community